Kingfish at Bogue Pier

Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier Cancels Pier Fishing Effective March 2024

2023 is officially the last yes of King fishing at Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle NC.

On October 10, 2023, Mike Stanley, owner, posted on Facebook that King fishing would be ending. The end of the pier will be open for all, and King rigs will now be banned.

And on October 16, 2023, the King fishermen had a fantastic day:

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You can’t make everyone happy.

Ya know, I personally rarely fish that deep and am used to King fishermen having the end of the pier for their setups at most piers that I’ve been to. I personally would’ve left it the way that it is, but, it isn’t up to me, and now that it’s open, I may stroll down to the end and fish there once or twice a year. But, it doesn’t matter what I think.

I’m sure there have been King fishermen who have been overprotective of their area, and, I’m sure there have been tourists being a nuisance and creating an unsafe environment.

Some piers allow King, some don’t. Some allow beer, some don’t. Some let people walk the pier for free, some charge. It is what it is. If someone doesn’t like it, they could always make Mike an offer and change the rules.

Read it for Yourself.

Below is the original content, posted on Facebook here:

A Note from the Owner of Bogue Inlet Pier:

If you look around Emerald Isle, it’s become quite obvious that within the past few years our little beach community has changed dramatically. We have been inundated with visitors as well as permanent residents in numbers that are perhaps 20 years ahead of it’s time.

As a result, our pier has struggled to keep pace with staggering growth that will only increase. I have always tried to stay ahead of the curve. In 2016 we demolished the Pier House and rebuilt it to accomodate a larger demand. As an individual that resists too many rules and regulations I have always kept our policies to an absolute minimum. Simple is better! In an effort to keep our operation as streamlined as possible (given the increased traffic), I have decided to open the entire pier to bottom fishing. This will eliminate the gates on the end of the pier and allow everyone access to fishing on the end 24 hours/ 7 days a week. I realize this will not sit well with the King Fishing Community on the end. I have always jokingly said that the end is a “Pirate Ship on Pilings” and there have been times when that was close to the truth! My goal in this dramatic change is to reduce current rules, and to streamline misunderstandings and confrontation. As of March 2024, ALL fishermen will be considered BOTTOM FISHING. KING FISHING as an exclusive group will no longer exist on the end of Bogue Inlet Pier. I am not saying anyone can’t catch a large fish but it will have to be with smaller (and simpler) tackle. ALL fishermen will be allowed 2 rods per person with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. There will not be any KING RIGS allowed and light to medium rods and tackle will be acceptable. We have been noticing many fishermen bringing more than the allowed rods on the pier for one reason or another. This practice will stop and we will be very vigilant on this rule.

Another change in the works will be the installation of automated parking. I will discuss this change in depth down the road. Season Fishing Passes will be available for the same price as this year ($300.) and it will include free parking for passholders.

I realize these changes will affect our business, but actually for the better. It will be a downward bump for a couple of years. Our goal is to throttle back the masses to include those who really love and appreciate the hard work my staff does daily. The days of free everything is over. We want our island back.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

Mike Stanley






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