How Much Money Do Rentals Bring in Topsail Island?

After managing oceanfront homes on Topsail Island for a few years I have been able to determine the max amounts and dates rentals go for.

Of course, a house that is a block or two back from the ocean front goes for less than a house right on the ocean, and the age is a factor as well. The biggest factor is the size of the house.

Below are some numbers.

An oceanfront 1500SF, 3BR 2.5 Bath house can rent for:

  • May $2200/wk
  • June $2800/wk
  • July $2800/wk
  • August $2400/wk
  • September $2200/wk

These numbers total $49,600/yr for prime season rentals.

In the off season you can also get $1200/wk  – $1400/wk for this type of house! (There’s a huge demand for monthly rentals in the off season as well from people coming in from New England.)

Realistically, there needs to be some down time. For example, in the houses I manage, I come in and do repairs and proactive maintenance – in the summer, that will be a week in June, then one in the end of July. There’s just cleaning which needs to be done which is beyond the scope of what any maid service is going to provide and repairs that need to be done.

In 2018 at the house I manage I had to caulk, replace the outdoor shower, clean the coils on the AC condenser, clean under the stove, fix a fridge, replace a washer, spray for bugs, rebuild the toilets, replace hand railings, switches and GFI outlets, etc. but in a summer season you can easily make around $40,000 off of a house this size.

If you own an oceanfront property on Topsail Island be sure to read about my property management service. I have 1 more opening left for 2019.






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