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Hunga Bunga Java Closes in Topsail Island - Welcome to Topsail Island

Hunga Bunga Java Closes in Topsail Island

I used to really love going in to Hunga Bunga Java. I would get a coffee and my kids would get melon smoothies. Unfortunately, Hunga Bunga and it’s cool atmosphere are gone. 🙁

I remember the owner, Kari, who was always very nice. I wonder where Kerry is now.

Kari, if you see this, I would love to know if you have a new venture or coffee shop or if you’d like to sell one of those cool statues. Regardless, thank you for allowing me to use your WiFi and thanks for all those great drinks!

I am not sure why Hunga Bunga closed. Maybe it was the long winter months which coastal businesses must endure or maybe the landlord jacked the rent up too high to make it no longer worth while.

Update: April 2018:

I just saw a post on the Hunga Facebook page! It was Posted Feb 1 2018 and which reads:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I make this announcement..As of today at the stroke of midnight, Hunga Bunga Java has had to close its doors due to circumstances beyond my control. Yes the Voted #1 coffee bar that was so unique and loved for the past 13 years has closed this location . This hasn’t even settled in my soul yet as the decision was made a week ago. There seems to be a new feel that pushes out what used to make this beautiful island special and quaint in it’s uniqueness. Call it what you will .. but it’s changing!
On a happier note, this has been a good run to say the least. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many of you personally. I’ve held your babies and watched the grow – I’ve been invited to your weddings and graduations and back yard parties – I’ve mourned the losses of many with you and cried at happiness in your lives..The creases on my face are from the smiles you’ve caused me to have..the laughter- the friendship- the music that’s been made all over having a cup of coffee with you …from the bottom of my heart … I thank you ..
this is Not the end – Hunga Bunga has left this building — stay posted for the next chapter of Hunga Bunga Java !!

With So Much Love






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