How To Get a Hurricane Reentry Pass to Topsail Island

Hurricane reentry passes come with some perks, such as being able to drive on certain parts of the island without paying for $20 permits. Of course, you’ll also need a Hurricane reentry pass, aka key card, to get back onto the island after a disaster such as Hurricane Florence.

Topsail Island consists of 3 cities and they each have a different process for reentry passes. The instructions on how to get your reentry pass are below.

  • North Topsail Island: The hurricane reentry passes are generally good for about 3 years. Property owners, long-term renters, and property managers who are eligible for a re-entry pass. Here is the North Topsail Reentry pass.
  • Topsail Beach: Reentry stickers are sent out with water bills early each year. If you do not have one you can contact the town to get your sticker. More information is available here.
  • Town of Surf City: It’s best to pick up your key card / reentry pass in person or mail it in. Here’s the Town of Surf City reentry application form you’ll need to have filled out. The office isn’t listed anywhere on their website or Facebook page but the mystery location is over by the ABC store.

If you have any questions or comments as to how the reentry process works please comment below.


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