Topsail Island Fishing Report February 2019

Spring is coming, spring is coming, are you ready?!

2018 fishing wasn’t great. We had the huge fish kill in the winter, followed up by restrictions on trout in the spring. The blues had the blues – then – fall fishing took a huge hit thanks to Hurricane Florence making her trip here. Other than migratory fish in the spring and spots in the fall the fishing just wasn’t great.

But 2019 is here!

  • Surf City Pier is getting fixed up!
  • The water in the rivers hasn’t froze!
  • Trout are already here!
  • Will the Chopper Blues make their return?

Surf Fishing:

There isn’t a lot to report just yet, however, it’s only a matter of time. In the surf right now you will find:

  • Whiting (good ones when conditions are just right)
  • Speckled Trout (when the water is warm enough)
  • Red Drum (here and there!)

Inshore Fishing:

  • Red Drum (via plastic lures)
  • Specs (rubber and soft plastic artificial bait)
  • Black Drum (in the holes in the creeks via shrimp)

Got fish?

Please comment below if you know where the fish are at!






2 responses to “Topsail Island Fishing Report February 2019”

  1. DON DAVIS Avatar

    coming down last wk of march- any good fishing in shore around icw or small creeks or rivers? thanks

    1. Len Avatar

      Hi Don, sorry for the late reply. We’d love to hear an update if you caught anything! 🙂

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