Topsail Island Fishing Report June 2018 – Spots in the Surf

Hello, and welcome to the latest fishing report. There are plenty of resources to cover what is happening offshore, so this month I am going to touch on what is inshore.


There are Spots in the surf! They aren’t huge but they’re fun to catch alongside the pinfish. On calm days whip a 1oz or 2oz weight as far out into the ocean as you can and if they’re biting you’ll have a fish on in just a minute or two.


Spanish Mackerel are being caught on Gotcha plugs. Cobia are out. There is the occasional black drum being caught. Sea Bass and Spot and Pinfish as well.


There are small flounder out there if you gig like I do, although finding them legal is tough.

Note: For updated reports please bookmark this page: Topsail Island Fishing Reports.






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