Getting a Refund for a Vacation Rental After Hurricane Florence

In September 2018 I wrote about tenants being legally eligible for refunds after Hurricane Florence (if you’re attempting to get a refund, visit that page also).

I knew there was a problem after hearing from multiple people who were burned, so in October I wrote about Topsail Island realty agencies denying refunds to tenants.

Despite my legal information, there’s only so much I can do. I told people to raise hell, cause a ruckus and call the news.

At least one person did call their local news station.

WRAL’s 5 On Your Side investigated and was able to get a couple a refund on their rental.

In this case, the real estate company who has “managing” the property had the house listed on VRBO.

This is what can happen when you have a real estate agency renting. There’s no personal touch here, no screening, no loyal clients. It’s a totally different business, kind of like changing tires.

Just another reason why some local agents refer people to my Topsail Island property management page.






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  1. […] Obviously, who is putting freon in the AC unit doesn’t matter, who is cutting the lawn doesn’t matter and who is managing the tenants doesn’t matter. If they happen to rent houses and are good at it, great, that may be an excellent choice! You know what they say though – Jack of all trades.. Master of none… In fact, after Hurricane Florence the WRAL troubleshooting team reached out to some real estate companies who failed to provide vacationers refunds legally owed! […]

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